Individual Wellbeing

Arca Continental is committed to promoting the individual wellbeing of our associates, our consumers and the inhabitants of our local communities. This important topic is one of the three pillars of Arca Continental’s Social Responsibility and Sustainability Model.

We put our commitment into effect through diverse programs that promote active, healthy lifestyles, proper eating habits, hydration and a culture of healthcare. These initiatives contribute to solving public health problems such as overweight and obesity.

Our initiatives promote sports and exercise, and teach about proper eating and hydration. In 2016, we implemented more than 15 programs across our territories. Schools in Motion, Health for Learning, Time for Movement, Live your Park, the Coca-Cola Cup, the Powerade Marathon, Get to 100, AC+ Movement, Facilitate Measurement, Active and Healthy Companies Challenge, Calistenia, Live Healthily, Medical Advice and Medical Congresses are just some of these.

Bienestar Individual

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