In 2015, we carried out several exercises to continue strengthening our materiality analysis and social responsibility and sustainability strategy. Two of these stand out in particular: social and environmental impact analysis, the most thorough to date; and meetings with well-known leaders to discuss our social responsibility and sustainability strategy and the publication of related information.

For Arca Continental, every group having a bearing on the development of our company or having common interests are considered to be participants. This might vary from one person to groups or organizations, all equally important for the definition of our strategy and actions to be taken.

During work sessions, Arca Continental top executives from diverse areas took part in an impact analysis covering multiple matters such as society development, corporate government, product responsibility, labor, human rights and environmental issues.

Combined results of these social, environmental and economic impacts, in regard to each and every one of these matters, allowed us to identify the areas with the highest potential impact on operations and their surroundings. Prioritizing enabled us to focus our attention and efforts on mitigating such impact and to effectively manage risks. It also helped us to position the most important issues to be discussed with our stakeholders. The comprehensive vision of these exercises made it possible to link sustainability to business objectives, as well as to the communities’ expectations and needs.

Materiality 2015

Analyzing the results of these exercises allowed us to identify the most important programs for mitigating any impact, the ones aligned with our business objectives and those most relevant to our stakeholders. Arca Continental will consider such programs a top priority over the years to come, thus preserving business continuity, the development of our surrounding communities and environmental conservation. The graph above illustrates the relation between impact and relevance for the top 10 priority programs identified during these exercises. This does not mean however that other aspects, such as the workplace, will be neglected. Quite the opposite, Arca Continental will continue to improve its performance across every aspect of its operations in an ongoing search for continuous improvement.

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