At Arca Continental, we appreciate the opportunity to make a positive difference in our environment through specific actions aimed at generating shared value and contributing to the comprehensive development of the communities we serve.

Our main principles are to enhance the quality of life, develop our human capital, preserve our natural resources, and protect the environment we live in. It is our goal to form alliances with the communities in which we operate to achieve a sustainable growth.

Manuel Barragán y Francisco Garza Egloff
Manuel L. Barragán Morales (left), Chairman of the Board and Francisco Garza Egloff, Chief Executive Officer.

Arca Continental Comprehensive Quality and Improvement System includes our Social Responsibility and Sustainability framework, which is an integral component to our business activities and organizational culture guaranteeing its administration and long-term feasibility.

Our commitment to social responsibility was recognized for the 14th consecutive year by the Mexican Center for Philanthropy, accordingly Arca Continental is included in the new Sustainability Index in the Mexican Stock Exchange (Bolsa Mexicana de Valores; BMV) highlighting our commitment and contribution to the development of sustainable communities.


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