Water Conservation

Water is not just one of our main inputs; it is indispensable for life. Thus, as part of the Coca-Cola System, we are committed to the objectives of The Coca-Cola Company’s 2020 Vision with regard to water. This vision is grouped into the following strategies:

1. Enhance the efficiency of our water use

2. Replenish and treat water used in making our products

3. Do research on, and participate in, protecting water basins

LaboratorioWith the backing of independent, third party environmental experts, Arca Continental and The Coca-Cola Company constantly monitor the water cycle and the interaction of production centers and other important actors with local micro-water sources and wells through our program of Source Vulnerability Analysis (SVA). Our SVAs, which should be conducted every five years across all our operations, consider main environmental and social risks to determine the quantity of water that can be sustainable extracted from each micro water source. With this information, the three actors referred to at the beginning of the paragraph created our Source Water Protection Plan (SWPP) that all Arca Continental operating centers must follow rigorously, reporting on their performance and progress on a monthly basis and taking part in periodic audits.

We also measure our water consumption from different sources (municipal, wells and underground supplies), industrial discharge, and reuse and consumption reduction, in order to protect and maintain the health and cleanliness of different bodies of water.

We have implemented a range of initiatives and projects to reduce the water consumption of our operating centers. These include:

• Implementing new technologies and training personnel

• Recovering water from industrial processes

• Eliminating leaks

• Creating committees to save water and disseminate the culture of continuous improvement

We measure our water-use efficiency as the number of liters of water used to produce one liter of beverage, including water consumption in all processes, even activities such as bottle washing. In 2016, we consumed 1.71 liters of water per liter of beverage produced. This figure is a more than 16% reduction in our consumption compared to 2010. Thanks to our water-efficiency projects, we now use more than 26% less water than we would have used if we had continued with business as usual.

We have implemented diverse initiatives to optimize our water use, including projects for water reuse by our production facilities and for building wastewater treatment plants. As a result, we have been able to reduce our industrial wastewater discharge by 44% compared to 2012.

In Mexico, 100% of the industrial wastewater from our operating centers is treated directly on site or discharged into a municipal treatment plant; in Argentina, Ecuador and Peru, all beverage production centers have on-site treatment plants. Three of our production centers have industrial water treatment plants with tertiary purification processes.

In Guadalajara, Mexico, we have made an agreement with the ITESO University for them to use our treated water for their bathroom and maintenance needs.

In accordance with our principles of caring for water and water supplies, Arca Continental does not extract any water from surface bodies. Our operations only use municipal networks or wells under concession, according to the region, and always respects the limits set by the authorities and our Plan for Protecting Water Sources.

Among the main programs for the conservation of water sources we can highlight the following:

  • National Reforestation and Water Harvesting Program in Mexico

    • As part of the Mexican Coca-Cola System, we belong to the National Reforestation and Water Harvesting Program, which unites the efforts and commitment of private, government and non-profit organizations to restore the environment in Mexico.

    • We seek to return to nature every drop of water that we use in the manufacture of our products through recovery, reforestation and woodland maintenance, thereby driving soil conservation and aquifer recharging.

    • Expert organizations, such as Pronatura, the National Forestry Commission (CONAFOR) and the National Commission for Protected Natural Areas (CONANP), partner with us in these initiatives as key allies for achieving our goals.

    • The actions of the program are divided into three main areas: reforestation, maintenance and conservation of water and soil; water collection and availability; and productive projects.

    • In 2016, in 13 of the states in which we operate, our woodland reforestation, maintenance and conservation projects had a positive impact on almost seven thousand hectares, where we planted more than 2.5 million trees. 


  • Water Replenishment in Ecuador

    • This program is jointly carried out by Coca-Cola Ecuador and Alianza Latinoamericana de Fondos de Agua, represented by The Nature Conservancy (TNC). It seeks to support preservation projects with the objective of returning all the water Ecuador Beverages uses in its production processes to nature.

    • Since the program’s initiation, we have supported five funds: the Water Protection Fund (FONAG), the Guayaquil Water Fund (Daule River Basin), the Water Fund for the Preservation of the Paute River Basin (Fonapa), the Tungurahua High Plateau Fund and Struggle against Poverty, and the Regional Water Fund (Foragua).

    • Some activities that have been carried out as part of the second phase of the Water Project for the Future are: support for families through sustainable production projects (organic gardens, improved grasslands, live fences and training in best production practices), continuance of control and vigilance in conservation areas (personnel and field equipment), visits to verify agreement conditions, forest and dry land conservation, reforestation with native species and passive recovery, consisting of fencing off degraded regions to allow them to regenerate on their own.

    • Through this program, we have replenished more than 966 million liters of water, protected or restored more than 1,185 hectares of woodlands, and directly benefited 675 families. 

    Conservación de Fuentes

  • Monterrey Metropolitan Water Fund (FAMM)

    • Arca Continental is a founding partner of the Monterrey Metropolitan Water Fund (FAMM), which unites the efforts of various companies and organization to conserve water in the region. Through the partnership of FAMM and The Nature Conservancy, for a second consecutive year we implemented the Replenishment Program, comprising two initiatives: field activities and a water plan.

    • Field activities. In 2016, we had a positive impact on more than 195 hectares of land with reforestation, maintenance, soil conservation and woodland protection activities.

    • Water plan. We implemented this initiative for the first time in 2016, seeking different alternatives to increase water supply. As a result, we created a portfolio of 10 viable alternatives to contribute to achieving this goal.

  • Underground Water Monitoring in Argentina

    • Since 2014, the Tucuman Plant in Argentina has operated a meteorological station that monitors its underground water source, measuring such factors as temperature, pressure and humidity. The data collected are shared with the School of Natural Sciences of Universidad Nacional de Tucuman and other institutions.