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Responsible Marketing

Coca-Cola Light


One of our priorities is to satisfy the different needs of our consumers. It is for them that we offer a broad portfolio of beverages, presentations and flavors, of which 40% have low or zero-calories. Similarly, we offer a wide variety of products including carbonated and non-carbonated drinks, dairy products, mineral water and juices, as well as packaging and personal presentations with less than 100 calories.






Our labeling policy fully complies with the advertising and communication regulations of the countries where we operate, and our product labels include responsible and transparent information. To achieve this, our Manual of Frontal Labeling indicates all the guidelines that our packaging must meet, thus ensuring that 100% of our beverage operations comply with the Coca-Cola Responsible Marketing Guide.

All Arca Continental products include nutritional information on their packaging, and 100% of the non-returnable Coca-Cola packaging includes the Daily Nutritional Intake Guides. Given that we understand that parents have the right to responsibly decide what their children consume, we have been adhering to the Food and Beverage Advertising Aimed at Children Self-Regulation Code (PABI) since 2008, years before the authorities required us to do so. None of our business units produce advertising or other types of communication aimed at children under 12 years of age. Likewise, we have developed a special portfolio of beverages and snacks for School Consumption Establishments in Mexico (ECoEs), adhering to the requirements established by the Health and Education Administrations.