Safe Products and Ingredients

Productos Seguros100% of our food and beverage production centers in every country where we operate have been certified in international hygiene and food safety.

At Arca Continental we are committed to a culture of quality and we constantly seek to develop our processes so that they continue to comply with the highest international standards, maintaining strict safety, hygiene and quality controls. Currently, 100% of our beverage plants in Mexico and Ecuador have the FSSC 22000 Certification, while the Bokados plant in Santa Catarina and the three plants in Argentina have been ISO 22000 certified.

As a producer of Coca-Cola brand drinks and snacks, our Integral Quality and Improvement System (CIMAC) ensures that, our beverages and snacks are in optimal conditions of quality and hygiene, as we carry out quality control tests in each phase of the production process. The Coca-Cola Company and the corresponding authorities supervise and authorize our formulations and procedures to elaborate the beverages that we produce under the Coca-Cola brand. In our lines of snacks and sweets, we make an exhaustive analysis of the formulations to comply with the regulations of the countries in which we distribute them, such as the FDA of the United States.

All production lines are managed under our Food Safety and Innocuity program, which includes the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points or HACCP system. In this way, we ensure that rigorous analyses of raw materials, processes, personnel, packaging material, handling and distribution are carried out.


Our quality culture extends to our Value Chain, because we have a strict supplier support and monitoring program that enables them to adhere to the current safety norms. This program includes periodic inspections of our most important suppliers to verify production, storage and distribution conditions. In addition, we have control over product formulas in order to ensure that the labels on our products offer the correct information to consumers.