Community Development

As part of Arca Continental’s business strategy, we aim to become a positive force as good corporate citizens in the communities in which we operate, leaving a positive footprint on the environment. With this conviction, we generate direct and indirect jobs, support women’s empowerment and carry out volunteer actions.

DAVA Mazatlán 2016

In 2016 they excelled the following programs:

  • Volar Volunteer Program

    VolarArca Continental’s Volunteer Program (VOLAR) is an institutional Social Responsibility program in which the company and associates partner to execute community and environmental protection actions. As an institutional initiative, it is implemented across all our operations in Mexico, Ecuador, Argentina and Peru.

    At each site, a Volunteer Committee is responsible for implementing the VOLAR program and distributing the resources available for the same. Key activities include Annual Volunteer Day, Annual Sustainability Day and Christmas with Meaning, as well as providing support for communities affected by natural disasters as they unfold, with either in-kind or monetary donations. In 2016, 1,553 associates participated on a total of 21 committees.

  • Annual Volunteer Day

    DAVAThis event takes place in all the organization’s business units. Its goal is to benefit a community or public institution through activities that include reforestation, waterfront cleaning (riverbanks, canals, lakes and beaches) and restoring public spaces, such as schools, parks and care homes. During 2016, more than 5,500 volunteers and their family members participated in 32 cities in Mexico, Argentina, Ecuador, the United States and Peru, in an effort that translated into the restoration of 39 public spaces (including 17 schools), reforestation of 8,169 trees, cleaning of 25.6 linear kilometers of waterfront and collection of 48,980 kilograms of waste.

  • Annual Sustainability Day

    Día Anual de la SustentabilidadIn this event, we invite associates and their families to attend an environmental awareness day, in which we communicate the progress our operations have made in environmental matters, and invite external institutions specialized in the field to set up booths to help attendees to broaden their environmental protection culture and replicate it at home. We also carry out reforestation activities as part of the event, battery collection campaigns, PET collection and the installation of waste sorting containers, among many others.

    This year, 6,688 people attended Sustainability Day, including 1,795 volunteers who assisted in the reforestation and/or donation of 3,931 trees. Moreover, in collaboration with the “Organizacion y Vida Silvestre” organization, an urban reforestation campaign “Adopt a Tree” was implemented in the state of Nuevo Leon.

  • Christmas with Meaning

    Navidad con SentidoThis is one of our associates’ favorite activities, since as part of the Christmas celebrations, they donate new toys that are given to institutions and public schools to bring joy to children in the vulnerable communities near our operations. During 2016, more than 17,600 toys were collected, benefiting approximately 17,000 children. The toys were distributed in four hospitals, seven public schools and over 70 associations and vulnerable communities in 41 cities in Mexico, Argentina, Ecuador and the United States.

  • Other Community Outreach Programs

    Through this program, carried out in collaboration with the Coca-Cola Ecuador Foundation, we provided support for 706 boys and girls during their recovery from reconstructive surgery in hospitals and clinics in Quito, Barbahoyo, Santo Domingo and Ibarra, Ecuador. At the beginning of 2016, we inaugurated the FOSE-Comprehensive FLAP Care Center, where volunteer doctors attend children every day as outpatients in the areas of plastic surgery, pediatrics, speech therapy, psychology and dentistry, free of charge. The program has benefited over 47 thousand children since it started.


    For the third consecutive year, the “Entrepreneurs since Childhood” program was implemented, in conjunction with the ABP Forming Entrepreneurs Foundation (IMPULSA Nuevo Leon). Its objective is to teach children about content topics and values, and develop their entrepreneurial spirit over a five-week period. Targeting five to 12-year-olds, this program seeks to help students to understand their place in the world and how each action and decision they make affects them and their environment. Twenty-five Arca Continental associates from corporate headquarters volunteered to teach the course to 383 young entrepreneurs at the Justo Sierra Elementary School during the 2015-2016 school year. Since the program was launched, 77 of our associates have participated to train a total of 1,118 child entrepreneurs.

    Hagamos algo util

    Since 2013, Arca Continental Argentina has participated in the Let’s Do Something Helpful for Others program, which collects school supplies and teaching materials for scarce resources schools in the areas in which we operate.

    In 2016, the program was implemented in seven schools, benefiting 600 students with 860 school supply items delivered by 38 Arca Continental volunteers.                  .


    We form part of this network of companies that, together with the government and NGOs, is committed to social development and restructuring the fabric of society. During 2016, we participated in overseeing the 2.0 Initiative (2015-2020) to contribute to the sustainable development of six vulnerable communities in the metropolitan area of Monterrey.

    The project seeks to implement a self-managed, civil-participation model that strengthens community members’ cohesion, self-management and participation capacities. Our involvement in the Enhancement, Training and Development Committee is also of vital importance.

    Our Donation Policy and Handbook applies to all Arca Continental operations. With our donations, we support not-for profit organizations, innovative individuals and leaders whose projects are in line with the company’s objectives and values. We focus on long-term projects out of a conviction that a great deal of effort and time is required to consolidate permanent social change and the reconstruction of the social fabric. We carefully choose the initiatives we will be supporting to maximize the number of individuals and communities to be benefited.

  • PetStar Museum-Auditorium

    The PetStar recycling plant, in which Arca Continental participates, has implemented an education and communication project that seeks to promote the culture of recycling through a space for interactive, informative exhibitions, a rainwater collection system, solar panels and a green roof. The exhibitions create awareness among visitors of the importance of recycling and the shared responsibility of society, the business world and authorities regarding these topics.

    The PetStar Museum-Auditorium has earned Platinum LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification as a sustainable building, and is the first museum in Latin America to achieve this level of certification. Over its two years of existence, the museum has welcomed, free of charge, over 16,000 people, including students, authorities and members of the diverse sectors of society.

    PetStar is a signatory of the Earth Charter and has earned the Socially Responsible Enterprise distinction from the Mexican Center for Philanthropy.

    Museo Auditorio PetStar

  • Coca-Cola Mission Visitors Program

    Anyone who is interested in learning more about our operations and beverage production process is always welcome to join a dynamic tour of our facilities that addresses topics such as safety, quality and social responsibility, offering visitors an insight into our culture and values. In 2016, we also opened the doors of our Argentina plants to students and received more than 26,700 visitors, ranging from primary school children to university students and the general public, in Mexico, Argentina and Peru.

    During the year, we welcomed more than 15,400 visitors in Mexico, ranging from primary school children to university students and the general public. Since the program was launched in 2008, we have received a total of 128 thousand visitors.

    In order to support education, we open the doors of our plants and welcome students from diverse schools to contribute to expanding their knowledge and experience how a plant works. The tour includes an explanation of our processes (automation and production), the Coca-Cola standards, our social responsibility program and future projects, among other topics.

    Peru has developed a new visitor program concept, aligned to Sustainability objectives. It has been implemented at the different production plants to give visitors an in-depth knowledge of our production processes, history and bottling technology.