Comprehensive Customer Service

We have Telephone Contact Centers in Mexico, Argentina, Ecuador and Peru, which aim to meet the requests of our stakeholders and provide them with a prompt response. This year, a supplier phone service initiative was implemented to answer technical questions about the Supplier Portal and provide invoice payment follow-up assistance. Additional processes were also integrated into the DIGA Telephone Service Center which is for Arca Continental Mexico’s Ciel jug water customers and consumers.

During the year, we received nearly 560,000 requests in Mexico, 90% of which were addressed satisfactorily, 85% within the first 24 hours, while the average satisfaction rating for answered requests was 71%.


Mexico: 01 (800) 800-3442

Argentina: 01 (810) 888-2722

Ecuador: 1 (800) 26-2226

Peru: 0800-1-4000