Empowering Women

Arca Continental is committed to empowering women. We share and support the 2020 Vision of The Coca-Cola Company, which seeks to support five million women on a global level through development programs. In 2016, we gave more than 9,700 women entrepreneurs and retailers a total of 17,737 hours of training, which translated into almost one thousand projects carried out by women entrepreneurs.


Asociacion Nacional ProSuperacion Personal, A.C. (ANSPAC) Arca Continental is an association that has been operating for 29 years.

Its objective is to help the wives, mothers and daughters of our associates to grow through ethics and human development courses and workshops, thus supporting their families and promoting the development of skills that contribute to improving their family economies.








2016 was the third consecutive year in which we implemented 5by20 Empower Mexico, a program that is designed to empower women and develop their entrepreneurial skills. The program includes the My Business workshop, which trains women who own small stores and corner shops in such topics as sales, marketing, human development, accounting and finance. In 2016, through 1,400 hours of training, conferences and workshops for female entrepreneurs, we benefited 654 women in 14 different communities, who then went on to implement 654 entrepreneurial projects.

5by20 2016

The Uncapping my Entrepreneurship program, implemented in Peru, was created to enhance the income of women participants from the Pucusana district, by promoting entrepreneurship and supporting entrepreneurial initiatives through knowledge and tools for personal, family and business growth. In 2016, 65 women took part in empowerment and entrepreneurship workshops, resulting in 37 improvement plans after 66 hours of training. As a result of our joint work with the retailers in attendance, they posted a 25% increase in profits.