Value Chain Development

If our sustainability strategy is to be successful, we need all actors in the value chain on board. Thus, we treat our key suppliers as important business partners.

The main objective of this project is to ensure that we are our customers’ main commercial partner, by empowering them and providing them with new administrative tools for their businesses, and changing their vision from that of a storekeeper to that of an entrepreneur ready to invest in technology and equipment.

This training with curricular value was approved by different universities and is imparted according to the customer’s level of development (new, in development or developed). It includes topics such as business management and the use of new sales tools and techniques, to help customers to respond better to the market demands and increase their sales.

During 2016, 4,925 retailers in three regions of Mexico took part in the program, together with the Coca-Cola Development Centers (CEDESCOs). Our goal for 2017 is to offer continuous training across the seven Mexican regions where we operates, because our customers rate this program as the most practical and efficient they have attended.

Siglo XXIThe Siglo XXI project helps our Traditional Channel retailers to grow, innovate and transform their stores in order to give them a competitive advantage in their markets.

In 2016, more than 1,526 new Siglo XXI activated customers across all Arca Continental’s Mexican territories took part.













CCNThe objective of the Centers for Complementary Businesses (CCBs) is to strengthen our retailers by developing neighboring, complementary businesses in order to give consumers a comprehensive purchasing experience and, by restoring local parks and public spaces, creating shared value for the entire community. In 2016, 15 CCBs were activated in 12 cities. Our objective for 2017 is to activate 10 new CCBs, to reach the goal of 25 CCBs in total.

This program was launched in Ecuador at the end of 2016 in order to support and improve our strategic partners’ businesses, small stores across the nation, through training sessions to help them grow their micro-enterprises. In the first phase, we trained one thousand retailers from different regions of Quito and Guayaquil in areas such as finance, sales and customer service, business organization and presentation, and community action work. 70% of those attending during the year were women.

Destapando mi Emprendimiento

Since 2008, the Business Development School has given marketing and finance workshops to our retail customers in Peru. The objective of the program is to establish long-term relationships and develop our product portfolio in their businesses. More than 4,000 retailers, of whom 68% were women, have benefited from the program since its beginning. Through a post-training survey, we were able to confirm that almost 90% of attendees applied the knowledge and skills acquired during our workshops in their businesses, as well as their personal lives.


RefrigeradoresThe Cold Front Program aims to offer cold drinks to the final consumer when required. That is why we support our retailers and small stores who display our products through the installation of new, more efficient refrigeration equipment.

During this year, near 100 thousand new coolers with more environmentally friendly C02 refrigerant gas were installed in more than 50 different distribution centers.