Workplace Safety

Achieving a Culture of Quality is one of Arca Continental’s most important goals. Our objective is to “come home safe and sound, look after colleagues and the company’s assets, and oversee the security of the communities we serve, while product quality and safety comprise our principal obligation.”

Taking care of the life and health of our associates is fundamental for assuring the sustainable, long-term attainment of our goals as a working team. Consequently, as part of our culture, we stipulate that each associate must contribute to achieving the highest safety levels in the workplace and in all our production and commercial activities. To this end, everyone who forms part of Arca Continental commits to maintaining a safe, healthy environment, guaranteeing that guidelines for injury and disease prevention will be respected, observed and applied, without exception. In this way, we are assuring our own wellbeing and that of the people who come into contact with us.

In 2013, Safety Committees were created and, thanks to the support of the CEO and his executive team, a Safety and Health Policy was implemented. We have more than 62 Mixed Commissions for Safety and Hygiene in our operations, ensuring that 100% of our associates are represented.

The Strategic Safety Committee, comprising 20 company directors, meets every six weeks to guarantee compliance with our safety policy and principles. It also makes sure that hazard and risk prevention and mitigation processes are systematically implemented. In 2016, the Committee met for a total of 16 hours, equivalent to eight sessions.

In 2016, we launched the first Industrial and Commercial Safety Program, in which all of Arca Continental’s Latin American companies participate. Setting up the program involved an investment of 8 million dollars, 65% of which was allocated to manufacturing and 35% to logistics and transportation. Another half a million dollars were invested in institutional training on topics such as Safety, involving more than 43 thousand hours of work and achieving the certification of 55 associates for Working at heights and 32 coaches trained in Safe management, who, in turn, trained another two thousand associates.

The main programs developed in 2016 included: Hazardous energy, Preventive observations, Five-minute talks, Accident investigation and the Consequence matrix.

One of the year’s main initiatives was the promotion of online safety training with courses on Danger identification, Accident investigation, Working at heights and Manual load handling. Over the next few years, apart from continuing with traditional courses, we plan to continue to develop this electronic tool, adding more modules.

The current Industrial and Commercial Safety Program consists of 23 initiatives at the operational level, with each one ultimately incorporated into plant operations. Guidelines, procedures and formats are generated for each initiative at the corporate level, and then disseminated to operations and implemented on an agreed date. Of these initiatives, some were concluded in 2016, while others are being implemented.

In 2016, we initiated an audit of contractors and suppliers who perform high-risk functions, in order to verify that they have the necessary training and certifications to allow them to carry out the type of work they do, as well as health, third-party and accident insurance. Suppliers who meet these requirements are included in a list of “AC-certified suppliers”, enabling any operational area to use them. At present, this initiative is in place in Mexico, and we plan to expand it to the rest of our operations. An additional, noteworthy advantage is that we have received comments from certified suppliers that the process has increased their employment opportunities with other companies.


Seguridad en el TrabajoAll 33 of Arca Continental’s Beverage Production Centers in Mexico, Ecuador and Argentina are certified under the Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series Standard OHSAS 18001:2007, one of the world’s strictest. We will continue working to meet our goal for 2020, which is for all our production and main distribution centers to acquire this certification.

During 2016, our Lost-Time Injury Rate (LTIR) was 0.98, an extraordinary 30% below that of 2015, and surpassing our goal of 1.22 for 2016. We are committed to fulfilling our next objective, which is a rate of 0.5 for 2020.

Arca Continental Ecuador offers a calisthenics program, Calistenia, which seeks to reduce musculoskeletal injuries in our personnel from the areas of Distribution, Logistics, Fountain and Staff, who warm up using these exercises before they start their workday. In 2016, of the 300 associates who participated, 150 also competed in a sports tournament the company organized, reaching an overall total of 280 hours of activation. The outcome of this program was an almost 40% reduction in lumbago incidents in associates compared to 2015.

In addition, Arca Continental Peru’s Safe Together program joined the three-phase Safe Behavior initiative, which is based on 22 pillars. At present, the Program has been implemented at eight sites, three of which have reached Phase III, and five Phase II.



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