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At Arca Continental, we work to enhance the comprehensive wellbeing and growth of our associates, our communities and our entire value chain. We are truly grateful to the authorities and public and private organizations that partner with us, helping us to meet our Social Wellbeing objectives.


  • A Better Place to Work

    Un mejor lugar para trabajarArca Continental seeks to assure a positive labor climate that promotes our associates’ personal and professional development. Thus, and in order to find out just how satisfied our people are, we use the Great Place to Work (GPTW) model, which allows us to identify our strengths and areas of opportunity in order to implement further initiatives to enhance respect, impartiality, credibility, pride and a sense of belonging for all those of us who belong to this great organization.

    To date, the Great Place to Work Institute has certified 51 of Arca Continental’s operating centers, making us one of the best companies to work for in both Mexico and Ecuador.

    Companies that are classified as Great Places to Work by this Institute belong to a select group whose ranking reflects real efforts and a shared vision to create a working environment that is healthy, harmonious and worthy of trust.                  

    In 2016, Arca Continental voluntarily took part in the on-site pilot auditing program of the Great Place to Work Institute, at the Insurgentes Plant in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, in northern Mexico. This exercise verified the implementation of the organization’s policies, culture and informal daily practices.

    The feedback we received from the audit confirmed the existence of a climate of confidence and belonging, which generates a feeling of being in a family in which all our associates use the same language. The audit also recognized the existence of a culture of credibility, impartiality, respect, confidence and fellowship.

    In 2016, Great Place to Work awarded IPASA its “Hall of Fame” prize for participating and qualifying for six consecutive years in the national ranking in the 50 to 500 employees category.

    GPTW 2017

  • Work Benefits

    ColaboradoresOur Comprehensive Compensation System seeks to standardize associate benefits across all our business units and ensure that they are competitive. It has resulted in healthy labor relations and our providing of competitive salaries and benefits above those set by the law in the different markets where we operate.

    These and other actions that we have taken are reflected in a personnel turnover rate of 16.8% as of yearend 2016, below the industry average. This has a favorable effect on the development of the organization and our associates.

    As an important part of the program to develop our human talent, we give preference to the hiring and promotion of local managers and directors, which contributes to the competitiveness of the regions where we operate.

  • Professional Competence Management

    One of our organizational values is to promote the integral development of our human capital, so we use tools that seek to measure our associates’ performance, assessing their competencies and, on the basis of the results, designing training programs, promotions and career plans. We also evaluate the reaching of established objectives on a personal and organizational level, enabling us to analyze our strengths and weaknesses and make plans for the future.

    Arca Continental uses SAP SuccessFactors, a 360-degree human resource assessment tool, to manage its human talent, helping us to effectively unleash all of our associates’ productive potential and ensuring their alignment to the company’s strategic objectives.

    In order to standardize the processes for evaluating the competencies of Arca Continental’s associates, in 2016 we implemented the performance and development modules of the SAP SuccessFactors platform in Peru.

    Evaluación del PersonalDuring the year, as part of a strategy to optimize the evaluation of our associates and build a solid base for their professional and personal development, we replaced the 360º competency evaluation of executives that we had been using in previous years with a new protocol to evaluate basic behavior and competencies such as: social and environmental sensibility, teamwork, execution, focus on results, focus on internal and external customers, development of human capital and focus on quality. We will implement this evaluation of competencies during the course of 2017.

  • Training and Development

    Un mejor lugar para trabajarThe continuous development of our associates’ skills, competencies and knowledge is a key factor for the success of our organization, so we have designed training programs to help them grow and realize their full potential.

    In 2016, we gave 20,680 courses on a global level, providing 1,104,160 hours of training for more than 65,700 associates, of whom almost 30% were union members.

    One of the most important programs for the growth of our executives is the Arca Continental Master’s program, which drives their professional development and enhances the effectiveness of their daily efforts. The content of this offering was specifically designed by Universidad Regiomontana and includes topics such as: Prioritizing quality, Human capital development, Ethics and social responsibility, and Customer focus. This year, 120 executives were enrolled, all of whom had a scholarship, with an investment of more than 1.6 million pesos from the organization. During 2016, we gave three scholarships for the International Master’s Program to outstanding executives of Tonicorp in Ecuador.       

    Programa EducarEcuador, Argentina and Peru have programs to encourage associates to continue their graduate studies as part of their career plan in the company.

    In 2016, 31 associates took part in master’s programs, of whom 20 received scholarships, representing an investment of more than 35 thousand dollars. To date, 15 executives have graduated from our master’s programs on a global level.

    In 2016, thanks to associates’ great acceptance of our online courses, we almost tripled the offer of available courses to 25, covering topics such as: Sales planning; Information standardization; and Industrial safety in four versions: Manual load handling, Working at heights, Hazard identification and Accident investigation. We also continued our English courses for associates who require the language for their professional activities.

    Over the coming years, we plan to standardize our offer of online courses across all our operations in Latin America, include training on our Code of Ethics and increase the number of courses we provide on Safety.

    During the year, our e-learning courses benefited more than 6,000 associates through more than 2,500 hours of training.

  • Disability Inclusion

    Our culture of including the disabled in the organization is more than a simple statement; we make it a reality with the help of our participation in “Movimiento Congruencia” (Congruency Movement), of which we are founding partners. Since 2004, this movement has promoted, sensitized and facilitated the social workplace inclusion of people with a disability.

    In 2016, we took part, for the third consecutive year, in the +Talent Diploma Course, whose objective is to design and implement projects for the inclusion of people with disabilities in the labor force. Topics covered in the course included: Design of inclusion projects, Organizational culture, Regulatory framework for labor inclusion, Accessibility for inclusion and evaluation protocols, Process for inclusive recruitment, Induction, Communication and training, and Social responsibility and inclusion.

    We also implemented programs for sensitizing associates in order to support the inclusion of the disabled within our organization. 315 people with a disability are currently part of the Arca Continental team on a global level.

    Inclusión de personas con discapacidad

  • Ambassadors' Program

    AmbassadorsThrough this program, directed by the worldwide Coca-Cola System, we train our associates on our vision and the 2020 Vision of The Coca-Cola Company, in order to inspire, inform, develop and recognize every associate.

    In 2017, the program will be relaunched for all system bottlers in Mexico in order to align communication across the nation and share best practices. The new version of the program focuses on generating loyalty among associates and will pay special attention to topics related to the company’s community-support initiatives through virtual and classroom training sessions.

    In Argentina, the Well-done Program has been implemented, recognizing associates who incorporate institutional values into their daily work. In this initiative, it is the associates themselves who select the workmates and colleagues to be recognized.

  • Diversity and Equal Opportunities

    ColaboradoresArca Continental’s associate compensation policies are clear, objective and generally applicable, thus seeking gender equality. We design our payment tables on the basis of reference markets and job evaluations. As a result, the average difference between the salaries of men and women at the entrance level in Mexico Beverages is 9%, while at the middle-management level it is 10%. As a reference, according to the International Labor Organization (ILO), the average worldwide difference is 22.9%.

    We also work unceasingly to equalize the number of men and women occupying key positions in the organization, promoting women to medium- and senior-level management positions, such that they are now 10% of the total.

  • Other Events and Programs for our Associates and their Families

    This event is an institutional celebration for our female associates on International Women’s Day; in 2016, more than 847 associates took part.

    As in previous years, in 2016 we celebrated Family Day, inviting associates and their families to celebrate Children’s Day, Mother’s Day and Family Sunday. This year 25,784 associates and their families joined in the event.

    These programs recognize associates who have continuously been part of the Arca Continental family for a significant number of years. On a global level, we celebrated the loyalty of 1,017 associates in total, of whom 285 were in Mexico, 429 in Ecuador and 732 in Peru.

    During this event, we celebrate Christmas with our associates and their families with festive activities and raffles. In 2016, we had 21,655 participants, 19,555 in Mexico and 2,100 in Peru.

    This program rewards associates’ children who are outstanding students at their respective schools. During 2016, 4,075 students worldwide were rewarded. This was the first year in which the initiative was implemented in Tonicorp and it was extremely well accepted by associates and their families in Ecuador.

  • AC+ Movement

    A positive performance in health promotion and favorable environments for associate wellness led to Arca Continental’s advancement to Stage 3: Progress and Consolidation of this certification.

    The AC+ Movement institutional program seeks to develop and monitor associate activation sequences by means of a process comprised of diverse steps, focusing mainly on three activities: measuring, activating and balancing.

    1. The measuring process makes our associates aware of their current health status, providing them with the information they need to help them to make decisions that will lead them to a healthier lifestyle.

    2. The objective of activating is to provide associates with tools for integrating physical exercise into their lifestyle until it becomes a habit. Some of the programs implemented this year to promote physical activation were: Your Health Weighs More; Live Healthily; Active, Healthy Enterprise Challenge; Get Active 10,000 Steps Challenge; Energy Balance; and Wellness Challenge.

    3. The balancing area seeks to advise associates so that they can find a balance between the calories they consume and the calories they burn by exercising.

    Movimiento AC+ 2016

    The program is designed so that each of the organization’s operations can implement it and adapt it locally to associates’ specific needs.

    During 2016, 348 executives had a check-up, making a total of more than 90% of our executives having been checked over the past three years. We are also helping our associates to live with a balanced diet through the healthy menu offered in our 16 cafeterias.

    As part of this Movement, in Mexico we hold Physical Activity Day every year. In 2016, 8,931 associates participated from across all Mexican operations. We also organized 131 sports tournaments, with a participation of 10,665 associates and a total of 4,614 activation hours.

    Apart from the sports tournaments, every year the Arca Continental Runners Club organizes several activities, such as 5K, 10K and Cross-Country races, and excursions to interact with nature and enjoy the countryside. We have also installed stationary bikes and stair climbers in some of our work centers to foment physical activity.

  • Active, Healthy Enterprise Challenge

    This program, developed in conjunction with the Queremos Mexicanos Activos Foundation and CONMEXICO, seeks to determine how healthy our associates’ habits are through questionnaires, in order to develop personalized activation plans that allow them to gradually improve their habits and reach the Excellent Habits level.

    This year, the Ministry of Health, the Mexico City Sports Institute, the National Physical Culture and Sports Commission, and the “Queremos Mexicanos Activos” Foundation launched the 2016 Get Active 10,000 Steps Challenge, open to the general public, with the objective of promoting physical activity and self-directed healthcare. Thanks to the participation of 979 of our associates in the challenge, Arca Continental boasted the highest number of participants of any company in the Business Group Category.

  • Continuous Improvement

    Mejora ContinuaOur Continuous Improvement Program is consolidated year after year and incorporates diverse initiatives, such as Participative Management Teams and Star Point Teams. It is currently being standardized through the Operational Excellence initiative.

    The Continuous Improvement Program works through the creation of teams at each plant who analyze and propose specific improvements in one of six areas: productivity, cost and expenditure control, quality, safety, environmental indicators and personnel development indicators.

    Its purpose is to train and support teams year-round in the proposal of improvement-oriented projects and initiatives. During 2016, 5,772 associates were certified and three Participative Management and 4 Operational Excellence programs were implemented. The projects generated 123 million pesos in savings, partly because of the replication of best practices across our operations.

    During the year, six operating centers were certified as Operational Excellence Centers, bringing the total to 11 of our centers certified to date. In addition, a strategic plan was implemented to develop Lean Six Sigma across Arca Continental.

    Mejora Continua

    The Operational Excellence initiative seeks to meticulously analyze each stage of our processes in order to detect areas of opportunity and the priority areas in which we should focus as a team to solve problems and improve. Its structure of analysis, detection and solution of areas of opportunity has made this initiative a comprehensive tool that we can apply throughout our value chain (also with suppliers and customers).

  • Respecting and Protecting Human Rights


    At Arca Continental, we are committed to respecting Human Rights and, therefore, adhere to the Coca-Cola Workplace Rights Policy, which is based on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the International Labor Organization’s Declaration on Fundamental Rights and Principles at Work, and the United Nations Global Compact.

    All associates and suppliers must be familiar with the Code of Ethics, which has a strong Human Rights component. If associates or suppliers have any questions or problems related to ethics and Human Rights issues, they can deposit them in the Transparency Mailbox and Corporate Auditing is responsible for channeling them to the appropriate areas and providing follow-up.

    To guarantee Human Rights protection, our security personnel receive constant training. In addition, we make sure that all external security suppliers engaged by the company are legally incorporated and also constantly train their workers and employees.

  • Intensifying Human Values

    Eficiencia EnergéticaOur Human Values program has been operating for the past 28 years; its objective is to provide self-support tools to promote the personal development of our associates and their families.

    The baseline of the program’s content, which we updated this year, is the human being, and it highlights the family environment and responding to the challenges of today. This important initiative was carried out with the support of the “Instituto Juan Pablo II” for studies on Marriage and the Family, and Universidad Anahuac. The new material seeks to be inclusive and, therefore, respects and accepts all ideologies, addressing the following topics in particular: The dignity of humankind and the rest of creation, Educating intelligence, Willpower and affectivity, Marriage and family, Family in the teaching of self-esteem, Assertive communication in the family, Ethics in human development and Culture of life and addictions.

    At least one team per region in Mexico and Ecuador was trained and certified in the new program content. These teams will act as instructors at their respective sites and replicate the Program with their workmates and colleagues.

    In 2016, 73 courses were taught in Mexico, Ecuador and Argentina, with a total duration of 23,652 hours and a total attendance of 1,602 associates. Since the program was launched, more than 31 thousand associates have been trained.