Press Releases

24 February 2017

AC reports revenue growth of 22.5% with EBITDA up 20.3% in 2016

Arca Continental reports Ps. 93,666 million in Annual Net Sales and 1,740 Million of Unit Cases in Volume

8 February 2017

CNBV Filing

Arca Continental and The Coca-Cola Company reached a defintive agreement to operate in USA.

31 January 2017

AC Added to FTSE4Good Index for Sustainable Companies

Arca Continental was selected to become part of the FTSE4Good Emerging Index of the London Stock Exchange, which comprises companies with strong Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance practices (ESG).

19 January 2017

AC Cordially Invites You To Its 4Q2016 Earnings Conference Call

Date: Friday, February 24, 2017. 8:30 hrs. Mexico/Monterrey Time. 9:30 hrs. New York Time.

18 January 2017

Bokados builds plant in Queretaro

With an investment of close to Ps. 300 million, Arca Continental’s snacks business in Mexico begins the installation and equipping of its third production center in the country to increase its brand presence and national coverage.

11 January 2017

Arca Continental anticipates Favorable Outlook for 2017

Investments planned to increase production capacity and consolidate its commercial leadership. Financial position was strengthened in 2016 by improving leverage ratio and reducing its exposure to U.S. dollars

19 October 2016

AC reports Revenue Growth of 18% with EBITDA up 13.4% in 3Q16

In the first 9 months of the year, Net sales reached Ps. 68,772 million, 27.3% higher when compared to 9M15, EBITDA reached Ps. 14,929 million, or 24.8% above 9M15, and Net income rose 27% to Ps. 7,102 million, representing a net margin of 10.3%.

12 October 2016

AC Cordially Invites You To Its 3Q2016 Earnings Conference Call

Date: Wednesday, October 19, 2016. 10:00 hrs. Mexico/Monterrey Time. 11:00 hrs. New York Time.

30 September 2016

Update of joint venture to operate Coca-Cola franchise in USA

Arca Continental is continuing to work toward a definitive agreement with The Coca-Cola Company for bottling of territory in a large portion of the Southwest United States, including Texas and parts of Oklahoma, New Mexico and Arkansas.

18 July 2016

Revenue grew 28% with EBITDA up 23.6% in 2Q16

AC reports Net Sales by Ps. 23,071 million and Ps. 5,317 million in EBITDA in 2Q16.