Corporate Offices

Arca Continental S.A.B. de C.V
Av. San Jeronimo 813 Pte.
CP 64640 Monterrey,N.L., Mexico.
Phone.+52 (81) 8151-1400

Contact Supplier

Carlos Treviño
Phone.+52 (81) 8151-1400

Magdalena Benavides
Phone.+593 (2) 297-3801

Guillermo Valles
Phone.+54 (387) 426-9500

Raúl Pausin
Phone.+51 (1) 319-4000



Consistent with our commitment to open, direct communication with our suppliers, this page gives you the opportunity to let us know about your offer of products and services.

Please provide full details on your business, including company name, address and contacts, as well as detailed information about your products and services.

After registering your company and/or offering, you will form part of a catalogue of prospective suppliers, and your goods and services will be available for our buyers to consider in future bidding/purchasing processes.

We sincerely hope that this will be an excellent business opportunity for you and that we will be able to contact you soon.


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