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  • Investors

    • 1.- What does Arca Continental’s operating structure look like?

      100% Mexico Beverages. 75% South America. 49% PIASA. 44% Petstar. 16.5% Jugos del Valle.
    • 2.- What is Arca Continental’s dividend payment policy?

      The dividend payment policy is to distribute 30% of net income.
    • 3.- How much is the company’s CAPEX?

      CAPEX is approximately 5% of sales.
    • 4.- What percentage of net sales and EBITDA does South America represent?

      South America represents 18% of EBITDA and 21% of net sales.
    • 5.- What is the company’s growth perspective for 2012?

      We forecast a 2-3% growth in volume for 2012 in Mexico and 5-6% in South America.
    • 6.- How is the company’s stock structure?

      The stock structure is as follows: 74.9% Arca Continental Control Group, 8.6% The Coca-Cola Company and 16.5% Public Investors.
    • 7.- What guidelines apply in terms of corporate governance?

      Our Majority Shareholders only participate at the Board of Directors level. We have a strict transparency policy that forbids transactions with related parties.
    • 8.- How is the Arca Continental Board of Directors made up?

      The Arca Continental Board of Directors consists of 20 members, five of whom are independent. The Coca-Cola Company participates as a member of the Arca Continental Board of Directors. There is an Audit and Corporate Practice Committee made up entirely of independent board members.
    • 9.- What credit rating has Arca Continental been given?

      Arca Continental has received “AAA” rating or its equivalent from the rating firms Standard & Poors and Fitch.
    • 10.- When did the company acquire Bokados, where does it sell its products and how many production centers does it have?

      Arca acquired the Bokados brand in 2007 and since then its sales have grown and its presence in Mexico and the United States has expanded. At present, Bokados has two production centers in northern Mexico (Sonora and Nuevo León).
    • 11.- When did the company acquire Petstar?

      Arca Continental acquired Petstar in 2011, in partnership with Coca-Cola Mexico and the Mexican Bottling System. Petstar has the capacity to process 22,000 tons of PET per year.
    • 12.- What is Arca Continental’s total sales volume?

      The overall sales volume is 1.3 billion unit cases, which positions Arca Continental as the world’s fourth largest Coca-Cola bottler.
  • Employment Opportunities

    • 1.- How can I access Arca Continental’s Career Center?

      The link to the Career Center is in the Employment Opportunities section at the top of the page; Arca Continental has a consolidated Career Center which keeps records of the CVs of all job candidates.
    • 2.- Do I have to pay to upload my CV to the Arca Continental Career Center?

      Uploading your CV is free of charge. Arca Continental and its companies make no charge for the Recruitment and Selection Processes.
    • 3.-What should I do after uploading my information to the Arca Continental Career Center?

      Once your information has been uploaded to our Career Center, it will be kept there until there is a job opportunity that matches your profile, in which case we will contact you.
    • 4.- How will I know whether you have received my information?

      You will receive a confirmation message.
    • 5.- Can I update my CV in the Arca Continental Career Center?

      You can access the Career Center with your user name and password and then update your CV, which will give us a better description of your profile on an ongoing basis.
    • 6.- How long will my information remain in the Career Center?

      Your information will be kept for a period of six months. If you don’t update it, your account will automatically be cancelled and recruiters will no longer have access to your information.
    • 7.- After I upload my information to the Career Center, will you call me to arrange an appointment or interview?

      Once you have uploaded your information, the Recruitment and Selection Team will evaluate it and contact you if you meet the profile required for any vacancies.
    • 8.- Does Arca Continental post its vacancies?

      At present, we do not post any of our vacancies, although we will be offering this service in the next few months.
    • 9.- Once I have uploaded my information to the Career Center, do I have to submit my CV by e-mail or in person to the Recruitment and Selection Team?

      Uploading your information is enough initially. If we get in touch with you later to arrange an interview, we will undoubtedly ask you for more information, so it’s a good idea to keep your CV up-to-date.
    • 10.- What should I do if I can’t upload my information to the Career Center?

      It should be easy, but if a technical problem occurs, please write to the following e-mail address, explain the problem and someone will be in contact with you by e-mail: reclutamiento@arcacontal.com
  • Suppliers

    • 1.-How can I register as a Prospective Supplier?

      Access the Suppliers section, click on Upload my Information and provide the data requested.
    • 2.- Who should I contact to offer my services?

      After registering as a prospective supplier, you will form part of our Consultation Directory, but, if you would like, you can also contact a purchasing representatives at: compras@arcacontal.com.
    • 3.-What are the requirements to be a Prospective Supplier?

      None, you must only promise to provide information that is true and to be able to fulfill your offer.
    • 4.-If I register, can I be a Supplier?

      Of course. You just need to wait for one of our buyers to need the product or service you are offering and then you can participate in the negotiations or bidding process.
    • 5.- If I am already an Arca Continental supplier, can I register in your Prospective Supplier Directory?

      Yes, in the Suppliers section, just click on the Upload my Information section and provide the requested data.
    • 6.- How long will I have to wait until you contact me?

      There is no specific timeframe. When one of our buyers looks for the products or services you offer in the Prospective Supplier Directory, then a business opportunity might arise.
    • 7.- If I have already registered as a Prospective Supplier, but would like to update or modify some of my data, how can I do this?

      In the Suppliers section, just click on the Modify my Data option and adjust the information you wish to correct.
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